KITTYSAURUS™ Stuffed Plush Toy Bear

Get a great night’s sleep with your KITTYSAURUS™ teddy bear to protect you.

Size: 11″ Stuffed, Plush Teddy Bear

You’re never too old for a teddy bear, especially a personalized one that is made with love. With just one hug, this lovable and soft bear is sure to help melt all your worries away.

  • Available in small (11”), medium (17″), and large (21″)
  • Eyes and nose are embroidered for both safety and durability
  • Contrasting tan fur on snout and both ears
  • Complete with an irresistible look on its face along with a wonderfully soft feel

Fully committed to providing high quality and safe products, this product has been tested and is Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) compliant for ages 5 and up.